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Centers for Personalized Medicine

Centers for Personalized Medicine (ZPM)

By establishing interdisciplinary ZPMs, a structure is created that is patient-oriented, operates transparently and values quality assurance. In this way, Personalized Medicine can be anchored into patient care. Located at the University Clinics, the ZPM are regional centers of competence and technology that pave the way for Personalized Medicine. At the individual sites, medical experts from a variety of disciplines and natural scientists have come together under the roof of the ZPM to join forces and enable knowledge-based (evidence-based) medicine.


In Baden-Württemberg four centers form the ZPM-Network BW. Information about the centers is currently only available in German.


Goals of the ZPM

  • transparent and visible access routes to the services of the ZPM for all patients and their treatment providers
  • quality-assured and science-based indication, diagnostics and evaluation of complex cases
  • standardized data collection to generate new knowledge for the evaluation of Personalized Medicine in everyday care
  • collaborative dialogue with the health insurance providers to ensure access to Personalized Medicine for all patients
  • neutral and fact-based information for all interest groups such as patients, practitioners, politicians and health insurance providers

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